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Gentle enough for Anyone and Everyone

Moving Pain Free

  • One on One Training designed to get you out of pain and moving again

  • Movements designed to release and ease chronic pain for back, sciatica, shoulders, neck, knees, feet, joints and more

  • Movements suitable for all ages and body types

  • My goal is to work with you to relieve your symptoms and improve your mobility

  • Certified Pain Free Movement Specialist, Somatics Educator, Yoga Instructor, and Personal Trainer

Movements designed to get your body working again

Hi I am Vicki.  I have been an athlete my whole life and exercise is what I know and what I love, it is my passion to make people feel better!  I was faced with a back injury in my mid 30's and couldn't walk.  I went to doctors, physical therapists, chiropractors, massage therapists, none of which helped and only to hear that I needed surgery or I would never be able to walk again.  I refused to accept this as my fate and turned to what I knew best which was working out and yoga and learning everything I could to make myself feel better and it worked, I was able to discover different ways of moving and releasing the pain.  I have had no back issues since.  Through the years I have also injured my shoulder, neck, knees and within weeks I am able to heal myself through movement and again, I am pain free and always without the use of drugs or surgery.  

I have studied all kinds of movement and workouts that make me feel good and get rid of pain.  I am a certified Personal Trainer, Yoga Instructor, an Ace Certified Pain Free Movement Specialist and a SMC® CEI Level 1 Instructor  Certified Educator.

Somatic/Yoga Movements

  • Movements designed to release and ease chronic pain for back, sciatica, neck, shoulders, knees, feet and more

  • Movements that are gentle and easy. Suitable for all ages and fitness levels

  • Movements designed to increase your mind body awareness and better organize your entire body

Feel Good Stretching

  • Wonderful easy stretches to make you feel good

  • Release your stress of the day, whether you have been standing all day or sitting at a computer

  • Stretches to release feet, neck, shoulders, hips and more

Pain Free Workouts for maintenance

  • When you have released the pain and are ready to move to the next level.Pain free workouts designed to get you in shape and maintain your new pain free body

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